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About Us

World leading turnkey solution
provider in intelligent logistics industry

With the core value of "flexible manufacturing" and "intelligent manufacturing", we are committed to solving problems occurred in the process of storage&retrieval and logistics management for customers, and assisting the construction of intelligent plants.



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  • Intelligent Storage & Retrieval

    It can improve the utilization of storage space and reduce labor cost effectively so as to , and make thethe economic, reasonable and effective flow of inventory materials economic, reasonable and effective.

  • Material Handling

    The material handling system can store and transfer half-done materials, load and unload materials in processes to reduce cost efficiently without operator involved.

  • Distribution Center

    Flexible and intelligent distribution of materials can realize the automation and intelligence of multi-dimensional integrated system of warehousing, distribution and sorting.

  • Software

    We develop the core software systems independently that provide diversified services such as information tracing, data processing, equipment scheduling, security control.

Brand Case

Brand Case

World leading turnkey solution provider in intelligent logistics industry.

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